中考短文填词专项练习(一)On the first day of my ______1_____(enter) the college, our teacher Mr. Smith ______2_______[ ntr dju:st] himself and got us to know each other. I stood up to look around when a
gentle hand touched my shoulder. I turned around to find a little old lady looking at me _____3_____a smile. She was eighty-seven years old. I was surprised at _____4____ made her
take on this challenge at her age. “ I always dreamed of having a college ______5______(educate) and now I am getting one!”At the end of the term, we invited Rose to speak at our dinner party. She _____6_____[kl d] her throat and began, “ We don’t stop playing because we are old; we grow old because we
stop playing. There are three keys ____7____staying young and happy. First, you have to laugh every day. Second, you should have a dream. Whenever you lose your dream, you die. Third,
have no _____8______[r ɡrets].At the end of the year, Rose finished all the courses. The ____9_____(wonder) woman taught us that it was never too late to be all one could _____10_____(possible) be.___________ 2. __________ 3. ___________ 4. ___________ 5. ___________6.____________ 7. ___________ 8. ___________ 9.___________ 10. ___________(二)Elaine Wu is part of the first generation of Chinese pianists. Born in Shanghai, she began ______1______(practice) the piano at the age of six when she was found to ______2_____[ ] a
strong interest in classical music and the piano. One year later, she won the first prize at a children’s piano ______3______(compete) in Shanghai.After winning the prize, she went on to study under the famous _____4____(Italy) musician and the piano educator _____5_____ was called Maestro Mario Paci. She had put all her
_____6_____[ en d i] into her music career in the past eighty years.She put _____7_____ performances at home and abroad. In 1962, she was _____8_____(regard) as the national first-class pianist.In 1993, Wu was invited to teach piano in Singapore. She has been living there ever since. In August 2013, her _____9_____(two) album, A Generation of Master 2, came out with full
______10_____[s p :t] from her fans.1___________ 2. __________ 3. ___________ 4. ___________ 5. ___________6.____________ 7. __________ 8. ___________ 9.___________ 10. __________(三)Few Chinese people saw the Internet business would make so much money when Ma Yun ____1____(start) Alibaba in 1999. Many people thought the idea was ____2____[ kre zi] ._____3______, the man believed that everyone should have a dream. “ The most important thing is that we believed in our dream ____4______ the first day to today and tomorrow. Of
course we made many ______5_______[m ste ks], but we never gave _____6____ hopes,” Ma said.Ma’s _____7____[ 'ten n] is not only on the Internet business. Alibaba ____8____ an important part in Sina Weibo and Youku Tudou. He is also on the board of China’s most successful
soccer ____9____[kl b], Guanhzhou Evergrande.Ma has a bigger dream. “ We hope that in the ____10_____fifteen years the world will change because of us.” he said.1.___________ 2. __________ 3. ___________ 4. ___________ 5. ___________6.____________ 7. ___________ 8. ___________ 9.___________ 10. ___________(四)Exam time! Most children don’t like exams, ____1____ we can’t live without them. They play an important role in our lives.Exam are not all the same. There are _____2______ kinds. One kind tests our knowledge and skills. The other kind helps find ____3______[ eks l nt] students in different fields. For
example, universities use it to choose students.At middle school, exams are about answering _____4_____[ kwest nz]on paper. At university, doing an ______5______[ k sper m nt] or even drawing a picture can also be exams.Kids in different countries take different exams. In the USA, many school children do a book report _____6_____ a science report as part of their exams. In Australia, middle school
students need to use the knowledge____7_____they have learned in class to make _____8_____(speech). Sometimes, teamwork is part of an exam.So exams are our lifetime “friends”. Be nice and _____9_____(patience) with them. They will help to make us better _____10______before.1.___________ 2. __________ 3. ___________ 4. ___________ 5. ___________6.____________ 7. ___________ 8. ___________ 9.___________ 10. ___________(五)As I was finishing the seventh grade, my school met some financial(财务的) problems. The school made the classes _____1_____(big), so there would be fewer teachers.Sadly, I found out that none of my close friends were in any of my new classes. Also, my new classmates were _____2______[kwa t] different from my old _____3_____. I began to feel
lonely.Soon I got to know that people in other group made new friends in their new classes. They seemed very happy _____4_____ their new friends. I thought that it was time for me to make
new friends.I noticed that people with many friends were very _____5______ [ kt v]. They often talked to others first. ____6______, I was ____7_____ frightened to talk to others and hoped other
people would talk to me first.So I decided to change. Once I realized that, I found that _____8_____(make) friends is very easy if you can ______9_____[r spekt] others and talk to them first. Now I feel a lot
happier _____10_____ I have more friends.1.___________ 2. __________ 3. ___________ 4. ___________ 5. ___________6.____________ 7. ___________ 8. ___________ 9.___________ 10. ___________答案一:entering(my后面加名词,进入大学,用动名词做主语。)introduced (“介绍”,注意时态为一般过去时)with (带着微笑看着我)what (宾从缺主语,指事情。)education (获得大学教育,用名词,括号内是动词)cleared (清了清嗓子。注意时态为一般过去时)to (the key to doing sth. 做某事的关键)regrets (遗憾,不留遗憾)wonderful (用形容词修饰名词woman)possibly (用副词修饰动词be)答案二:practicing (begin doing sth. 开始做某事)show (展示出强烈的兴趣)competition (在儿童钢琴比赛中获第一名,应该用名词的形式)Italian (意大利的音乐家)who/that (定语从句缺少主语,指人)energy (把她所有的精力都投入到钢琴事业)on (put on 上演,表演)regarded (be regarded as 被认为是......)second (第二张专辑)support (得到粉丝的支持)答案三:started (创办阿里巴巴,注意时态为一般过去时)crazy (人们认为这个想法很疯狂)However (然而,他认为每个人都要有梦想。)from (from... to... 从....... 到......)mistakes (make mistakes 犯错。mistake是可数名词)up (give up hopes 放弃希望)attention (关注点,关注)plays (play an important part in 在.....中起重要作用。)Ccub (足球俱乐部)next (在接下来的15年,用将来时)答案四:but (前后表示转折,孩子们不喜欢考试,但是不可避免)two (由后文可知,介绍了两种类型的考试。)excellent (挑选优秀的学生)questions (在纸上回答问题,注意用复数的形式)experiment (做实验)or (做读书报告或者科学报告)that (定从缺宾语,先行词knowledge指物)speeches (以ch结尾的名词变复数+es)patient (要有耐心)than (由前面better可知是比较级,所以用than)答案五:bigger (由后面的fewer可知,这里应该用比较级)quite (相当不同)ones (用ones指代上文提到的classmates)with (和他们的朋友在一起很开心)active (有许多朋友的人很活跃)However (前后表示转折)too (too...to... 太......无法......)making (动名词做主语。交朋友非常简单)respect (如果你可以尊重其他人)because (因为有很多朋友所以更快乐)

  是逃跑计划演唱的一首歌,由逃跑计划填词谱曲,收录于逃跑计划2011年发行的首张专辑《世界》中,同时还是微电影《摘星的你》主题曲 。
  是卓文萱与曹格演唱的一首歌曲,由曹格填词并谱曲,收录于卓文萱2006年10月26日发行的专辑《习惯》中。歌曲被选为偶像剧《恋爱女王》的片尾曲和婚恋节目《非诚勿扰》背景音乐 。
  陈楚生《有没有人告诉你》  张振宇《不要再来伤害我》  李谷一《门前相思大碗茶》  刘德华《男人哭吧不是罪》  龙梅子《你把爱情给了谁》  林志炫《凤凰花开的路口》  邓丽君《月亮代表我的心》  周华健《让我欢喜让我忧》  张信哲《难以忘记你容颜》  黎明《今夜你会不会来》  费翔《冬天里的一把火》  娃娃《漂洋过海来看你》  赵传《我是一只小小鸟》  浩瀚《分手在那个秋天》  火风《老婆老婆我爱你》  齐秦《阳光总在风雨后》  那英《白天不懂夜的黑》  庞龙《你是我的玫瑰花》  庞龙《藏在记忆里的歌》  汪峰《美丽世界的孤儿》
  《如果你不再爱了》罗中旭  《爱情离我一公尺》胡夏  《开往明天的旅行》《吻到一公里之外》唐禹哲  《宇宙只有我和你》杨洋  《娜样纯杰的爱恋》谢娜&张杰  《女人到底想什么》张杰  《如果这就是爱情》张靓颖《可不可以不勇敢》范玮琪  《谁动了我的琴弦》《大家一起喜羊羊》周笔畅  《一千年后记得我》  《爱你不是两三天》梁静茹……不想找了  可不可以问一下  你到底想干嘛=  =
  1、《月亮代表我的心》(英语翻译为:The Moon Represents My Heart),经典歌曲,歌曲由孙仪作词,翁清溪作曲。1973年由陈芬兰首唱,1977年经邓丽君重新演绎后红遍华人世界。
  月亮代表我的心(英语翻译为:The Moon Represents My Heart),经典歌曲,歌曲由孙仪作词,翁清溪作曲。1973年由陈芬兰首唱,1977年经邓丽君重新演绎后红遍华人世界。
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